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Re: cscs?

Postby Steaming North » Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:23 am

Sorry donald,

I missed a bit off the end of there.

I fully agree that CSCS is a very good method of proving competence on a construction site and more and more contractors are requiring it.

For your involvement in this and pushing the CSCS scheme through and gaining recognition of the DSWA etc. I commend you.

What I'm still unclear of is to what extent the DSWA are pushing this? i.e. who will "have" to have a CSCS card?

Donald, you obviously work very hard on this and again, I can only thank you for that. As my life is looking at the minute I@ll never be working on a construction site (well not walling anyway) so I was wondering how this would effect me basically?

I know I am not a member and as such, I don't really have a right to stick my nose in. As I've stated in my previous thread, when I see a change in attitude I'd be happy to join and support the DSWA.

Back to the CSCS - for everyones benefit could you please explain it simply, what the need is, what the DSWA have done and who and how will it effect?

Going away for a week so might not be able to reply. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated though.

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Re: cscs?

Postby donald » Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:27 pm

Hi, Joe, at the minute you can apply for a CSCS card by the grandaddy method, ie you have experience in A trade, however in 2010 the card system becomes operational and you will need a formal qualification in the trade(I am still working on the qualification levels, etc)

There are ways round DSW not currently being accredited, you can apply for a Cornish hedgers card! or a masons operative! or just a labourers card,you need to do a 1 day safety course appropriate to your trade.
As the CSCS scheme progresses there is a need to make sure DSW is online and accepted by the future regulations, theres no use hiding from it, its there.

I have been assured that before 2010 DSW will be part of the NHTG Heritage skills card, which I feel is the appropriate way, and that is what I am working towards, as a Management comittee member of DSWA.

After 2010 NO-ONE will be allowed onto a construction site without a CSCS card.

As for comments on this site putting you off...there are only a couple of actual DSWA members posting on here, as they are put off by being mobbed by the non-members who hog the site with anti-DSWA antagonistic comments.The people you see posting are not members.

Re: cscs?

Postby donald » Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:11 pm

Further info on CSCS cards.

CSCS card Who qualifies?

Available to trainees registered for an N/SVQ level 2 through their college,
training provider or employer. The card is valid for three years.

Skilled Workers
who hold the appropriate N/SVQ or have completed an
It may also be possible to qualify via ‘Industry Accreditation’ which allows
an employer to ‘sign-off’ workers’ skills in place of formal qualifications.
This is only available for a limited period of time after each occupation
becomes available under the scheme.(Ends 2010 /DG)
The card is valid for five years and is then renewable.(by qualification only/DG)

Available to workers who have registered for N/SVQ level 2 or 3 and
Worker have completed their profiling session.
The card is valid for one year and is non-renewable.

If you are a member of certain professional bodies, are up to date with
Membership your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and have passed an
appropriate health and safety test, you can qualify for a CSCS card.
Please contact the CSCS Helpdesk for the current list of qualifying
professions. The card is valid for five years and is then renewable.

For regular visitors to construction sites who do not perform a construction
specific skill. The card is valid for five years and is then renewable.
For workers in construction related occupations where there is currently
no applicable N/SVQ.
The card is valid for five years and is then renewable.

Construction Related Occupation:Professionally Qualified Person

For non-site based professionals who have health and safety
responsibilities such as consultants, clients, architects, surveyors and
engineers. The card is valid for five years and is then renewable.

Hope that helps, the scheme should be sorted for wallers before the compulsory accreditation/qualifications come into effect,the main intention is to keep abreast of future developments and be forewarned, and prepared.

There is still a long way to go to attain a DSW site supervisors card.....!

The CSCS card scheme will not affect those employed in farm walling......yet!But when it happens we should be prepared to lock swords with the legislators to minimise the interference, and at least see what must be done is appropriate and relevant to dsw.

With more and more DSW projects encroaching into the construction industry side( thank goodness for decent wages) and high profile works at Chatton Park, Chelsea flower show etc bringing DSW into the realm of architects and designers, those working in those areas, and any construction site, will have to be on the ball about future, and present developments, otherwise they may turn up for work and discover they can't get on site..with the financial and legal implications that may bring.

Re: cscs?

Postby Pennine Walling » Sat Sep 08, 2018 5:34 pm

The CSCS card is primarily a way of making sure that workers on building sites work with an eye for their own safety and that of their co workers. It isn't really necessary to have a different card for each trade, skill or profession because danger on building sites isn't specific to the type of work you do ( except confined spaces, working at heights and with asbestos ), it is just necessary to have a test that is mostly common sense so that any one who works on a building site be it a labourer or a manager is safe to do so
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