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Paint for Wallers

Postby Les Maxwell » Sat Apr 02, 2016 1:36 pm

Thinking of doing a bit painting at home this year?

Well forget that posh Farrow & Ball range with their silly names and even more silly prices.

Check out the range of paints by Hicks & Weatherburn with names like Lime Kiln, Millstone grit, and yes you guessed it Dry Stone Wall. You can now paint the interior and exterior of your house in Dry Stone Wall colour.

This paint is made in Leeds in Yorkshire by down to earth people who use down to earth names.

Just the job
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Re: Paint for Wallers

Postby jerryg » Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:44 pm

are all the dry stone walls in Leeds the same colour? according to Hicks & Weatherburn the walls are a sort of light grey.

I reckon they ought to be able to name all their different coloured paints by the name of stone in walls by where they come from.

ie Halifax sooty grit black, north facing Cumbrian walls mossy green, along with south facing Lakeland walls green lichen, Welsh blue/purple slate, Eskdale red granite, Shap pink granite, river cobble blue etc etc

But I suppose in the end you can just paint your house whatever colour you like, with whatever paint and if anyone asks you can say it is whatever coloured stone you want.
In my house for instance I have a mixture of Yorkshire newly quarried sandstone walls, pink granite walls, grey limestone ceilings, Brick red and black tiled floors, actual multicoloured slate stone floors, brown and green Silurian slate floors and walls, all painted with the cheapest paint available. With the whole lot liberally covered in spiders webs, slug trails and stars.
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