suggestion to encourage pro wallers to become member of DSWA

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suggestion to encourage pro wallers to become member of DSWA

Postby jerryg » Tue May 03, 2016 2:50 pm

Reading the current Waller and Dyker mag I see there is a letter from Billy McCallum and amongst his points there is this statement

"There are more working wallers out there without certification than have it I would suggest, and all are making a living from those employing them which suggests that they are good at what they do or their employers are happy with the standard delivered by them for the amount demanded. My question would be why are these wallers not looking to the DSWA? Clearly there is no carrot for them to do so at this point in time to draw them into the Association"

I am at the moment a member of the DSWA. I have become a member for the sole reason that I had to join as I am one of the Trainers taking part in the HLF Bursary scheme. I had to join to be covered by insurance covering working with my trainee George Williams. I have no certification from the DSWA but I am a very experienced waller having been at it since building my first dry stone walls in Yorkshire in 1979, so that's 37 years. I am taking the training of George very seriously and in the 11 months he has been with me he has worked on 20 different sites, all drystone walling, for 7 different clients using 11 different types of stone.

He has now passed his initial and intermediate certificates. I have no certification. Therefore on paper he is more qualified than me. If I were to join the professional register then new clients would presumably, all things considered, contact him before me as he will appear to be better than me because he would appear amongst the certificated wallers list, whereas I would just appear on the wallers with no certification (implication being that they are no good) listings.

I personally have had it suggested to me that if I want to prove I am a good waller then all I have to do is to come along and do the certification and everyone will be happy. But I have no need to prove myself to the DSWA standards as I consider them to be lower than my own standards. If you don't believe this, ask George. I hope none of the other trainees on the HLF ever come to work in my part of the Lake District as I know that what they will build will not be up to the standards required.

Therefore there is no point in me joining the DSWA as a professional member. In fact it would be better for me never to join as a pro member. I know a reasonable number of pro wallers in my area who feel the same. The only way to change this situation is for the DSWA to have another section of 'recognised as very good professional wallers who have been certified as such by a number of master craftsmen. This would be easy as all they need to is to visit some (or any) of my walls.

The only reason I was asked by the DSWA to take on a HLF trainee is that I am one of those who belong in this section. I have been recognised as a good waller by a mastercraftsman, Andy Loudon. I am absolutely sure that if this new category of wallers was included then the Association would be more attractive for professional wallers.
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Re: Reply to a letter in the latest Waller and Dyker mag

Postby LukeOHan » Tue May 03, 2016 6:22 pm

I agree with your simple solution on this issue. It also sounds like George has had one hell of a time walling with you :D
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