The UK 's International Drystone Walling Festival.

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The UK 's International Drystone Walling Festival.

Postby George Gunn » Tue May 23, 2017 2:46 pm

A brief rundown of our excellent guest speakers who are presenting the illustrated lectures at the Festival. We are once again so lucky to have such renowned speakers.

The Festival website and itinerary is at

Geraint Davies (England)

The road to building Barrows

From reading an article in the Times while extracting boulders from Bodmin moor for the Olympic park. Meeting up with an eccentric land owner in Wiltshire. Then scratching our heads how we are going to deliver on our promise to build a modern version of a long Barrow in walling stone.

The Long Barrow at All Cannings
The new Columbariums being built in England based on Long Barrow Tombs.

Louise Price (Irish Republic)

A look at the ancient sites of Ireland and their enduring impact on our lives today.

As part of a team Louise founded and runs the Tír Chonaill Stone Festival, anchored North West of Ireland, a community festival in its fourth year. She is the current secretary of the D.S.W.A.I whose latest work involves repair and maintenance training for farmers. A director of the The Irish Stone Worker’s Alliance and is also the author of the blog ‘Limewindow’.

Her talk dips into the relict landscape & structures, the very fabric of Ireland, places which continue to hold an enigmatic place in modern Irish life.

Sean Adcock (Wales)

Realising a Dream: Harvey Fite and Opus40

Situated near Woodstock in Upstate New York, Opus 40 is on the US National Register of Historic Places. Recognised as one of the first pieces of 20th Century Land Art the 4 acres of dry stone terraces, steps, ramps, passageways and pools was built between 1938-76 by one man, Harvey Fite. In 2011, following Hurricanes Irene and Sandy a 16 feet tall section of terrace collapsed. This is the story of the man, a site and an epic restoration.

Opus 40 in the USA.
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