France, Vosges

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France, Vosges

Postby Nigel » Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:00 pm

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Hello. I'm the owner of a holiday cottage ('gîte') in the east of France that can accommodate up to 13 people (children under 2 don't count). It's in the village of Grand, that has a large gallo-roman amphitheatre and mosaic, and in the cellar of the gîte I have 7 metres of the base of the Roman wall that surrounded the site. Many of the houses in Grand were built from Roman stones, and when I did the renovation work to create the gîte, I amassed a very large pile of roman stones, many with the characteristic triangular shape that was used for the stones on the outside of the Roman walls. I would like to build a stone wall off the corner of the building over a number of metres. If a group of people were interested in doing this, in exchange I can offer free accommodation in the gîte for a holiday in the area. My phone number is 00 33 6 70 96 87 65 and my e-mail address is I am attaching a photo of the pile of stones and the corner of the building. Looking forward to a contact! Here is the link to the website for the gîte:

L'Apollon - gîte rural à Grand (France, Vosges)
Gîte rural à Grand (88) accessibilité handicapés
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