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Work Required

Postby paul1113 » Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:33 pm

lease excuse what might seem like a life life story but I am currently looking to do a DSWA course soon, dates are below but there is not a lot going on till the 5th of September which is not long away but before the 5th that I would be delighted to do a bit of labouring with a DSWA members company for some pocket money and happy to put in the hours. Particularly Interested in Water features, landscaping, stairs sandstone wall repair, arty stuff but generally something memorable. I am looking to learn a proper skill and to do a bit of hard graft been a member of volunteer website called woof for three but why not earn a little bit bit of pocket money too? Hard work good for the soul though I am thinking a four day week to break me in.

Dry Stone walling looks like it ticks my boxes as far as having another skill is concerned. I would be quite happy to do a bit of general labouring and stay in a local campsite at a scenic area.

I do tonnes of cycling, from Scotland,love the outdoors and I would consider myself as relatively strong and fit. Will be going down to Skipton this Thursday for a cycle tour camping holiday.

I dont have a portfolio but here are some of the pictures that inspired me when researching. ... ery4-9.jpg ... jK_Gf_U%3D

Courses are on 5th 6th below though happy to go elsewhere for work
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