Free Craft Certification Tests DSWA LANTRA

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Free Craft Certification Tests DSWA LANTRA

Postby donald » Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:51 am

Any one not already having a DSWA Certification, please contact me and I can arrange a DSWA/Lantra Awards CCS test for free
You can sit Level 1 2 3 or master craftsman for FREE with

Grant applications apply, in some cases there may be a small fee

As a thank you I would suggest successful applicants for a test join DSWA.This costs £20.for non-professionals.
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Re: CSCS test practice

Postby donald » Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:57 am

Construction Skills Certification Scheme TEST practice DISC free
This has nothing to do with DSWA Lantra Awards tests.

Postby donald » Thu Dec 03, 2009 8:06 pm
Anyone wanting a copy of the CSCS practice guide to sitting the test please send me a SAE big enough! for a CD.

This is an active computer guide to the test to practice.Believe me. its not complicated but you MUST practice.
Until there is A DSW Code for DSW on a CSCS Card you can be a construction operative or related or labourer.
You only need this card on a construction site.

We could just leave it but Cob walling, thatching, Cornish hedging have cards, why not DSW ?give them a call
If anyone feels they need to know how the system is working for CSCS Cornish walling,etc they seem to be far more advanced, both technically and academically than DSWA is, I have worked with them and seen their skills levels
we need to be informed, and prepared, I am sure there will be a few "crepe hangers" who will make the most out of this for their own needy ends, but at least the members of DSWA are taking steps to be prepared for the future.
Those commenting who are against training and certification, are usually sheltering behing a screen of bravado and misplaced percieved skils levels.

The CSCS scheme is an industry standard for basic health and safety and a quality assurance for employers within the Construction Industry Scheme (ie English Heritage)that the work will be up to a measureable standard.

The DSWA is an organisation for training and has an accredited scheme.
Those who agree with this become members,go through the tests certification scheme, and progress, those against the basic tenets of DSWA have a good reason...if their walls were part of a L1 or L2 Test they may fail...and I have seen a lot of walls, through this forum.

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