2017 boundary grants through DEFRA

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2017 boundary grants through DEFRA

Postby Dburnell » Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:05 pm

I've been doing some research ahead of my pending career change from 30 years in an IT career to Dry Stone Walling, using this forum as a basis.

I've found some interesting topics around consideration such as;Health&Safety, grants, pricing, estimating, courses, etc but unfortunately much of the information provided by members was given many moons ago. However, as I say, the subject list has stimaulated the research in the right directions.

If there is interest I will jot down many of my research findings over a few posts as I build up my own business case which I will need for myself to take the plunge an resign. The post will be piecemeal mainly as I do not have all the research done or all the answers in one place yet to provide a comprehensive post.

On the subject of grants for wall building, nearly all of those referred to on previously forum posts are no longer valid, however subject to specifics of location, land use, etc. Under the 'Countryside Stewardship grants' on Gov.uk I found that this list of grants for landowners (which offset what they pay the Waller) are available today:

BN1: Stone-faced bank repair
BN2: Stone-faced bank restoration
BN12: Stone wall restoration
BN14 ... something to do with quarry stone, etc.

I am no expert in deciphering government documents but these do seem significant at first glance so I thought it worth sharing for discussion?

Mind you as this is with DEFRA (Department for Food and Rural Affairs) and RPA (Rural Payments Agency) this may all change as a result of Brexit (whatever that looks like in the future) but for now it seems current.

Admin: please feel free to put this in the most appropriate forum section.

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Re: 2017 boundary grants through DEFRA

Postby david perry » Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:07 pm

I rarely get involved in these. Mostly the land owner of farmer does them himself.

Our grants are administered by the National Park. I always find them very helpful and tolerant of your guestimates!
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Re: 2017 boundary grants through DEFRA

Postby Nigel » Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:29 pm

Hi Duncan,

I came accross this document myself only yesterday, I think it mentions a sum of £25.00 per meter of wall.

come out and spend a day with me and we can chat more if you wish, it would be good to spend some more time with you.

happy to meet one evening over a pint if you cant get out of work.

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