newbie 2m high wall

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newbie 2m high wall

Postby bsffamily » Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:37 pm

Hi All,
I did a week long dry stone walling course with the dartmoor national park a year or so ago, enjoyed it but havnt done much since in the way of building.
I am a property maintenance practitioner and recently a client remembered me going on a course, he has asked me how much it would cost for a wall to be built in his garden.
As I know there are so many variables in this kind of thing I was wondering if anyone could advise me whether the project is indeed something I should take on or whether its just too out of my experience to contemplate.
details are:

He has asked me how many days a 2m high by 15m long wall would take to build. I havnt done a site visit for a while so dont know exactly where he has in mind but as far as I remember the garden is reasonably flat.
The course involved rebuilding stone banks and repairing field walls on a dartmoor farm, great fun and very good teachers just dont know how the knowledge would translate to building such a monster from scratch, any ideas about how to build up to 2 metres high which to me sounds like it might need to be very wide at base.
should I even attempt to build a wall so high for my first build? I do have another chap who has a little experience in walling who has said hed like to be involved, but i feel even still it might be a wall too far to begin with.
Id like to be able to say with certainty that its feasable or not, so comments would be gratefully accepted in order to make a decision
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